Finger jointing line
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Model: Finger jointing line SK 30-520
Manufacturer: Scharpf&Kogel

Second hand semiautomatic finger jointing production line. Vertical and horizontal join-ting is possible.
Line consists of following machines:
Double side tenoning machine, type FRK-200/520/1200.
Every tenoning machine is composed of:
• Cutting and milling aggregate
• Tenoning machine, with bearing at top of the shaft.
• 2nd tenoning machine with adjustable glue spreader after tenoning shaft.
Wood is hold by horizontal and vertical elements.
Technical details:
Width of tenoning table: 520 mm
Length of tenoning table: 1200 mm;
Height of tenoning table: 200 mm;
Diameter tenoning shaft: 50 mm
Diameter tenoning cutter: 250 mm
Capacity tenoning shaft: 2 x 18.5 kW
Cutting and milling: 2 x 7.5 kW
Glue spreader motor: 0.25 kW
Belt transporter capacity: 2 x 0.55 kW
Tenoning table advancing: 2 x 1.1 kW
Belt transporter speed: about 90 m/min
Milling spindles rotation: 5400 rpm
Cutting and milling: 2800 rpm
Glue spreader: 10 – 100 rpm
Milling table feed speed: 2 - 30 m/min.

Motors, feeding, tenoning tables and glue spreader adjustable via frequency converter, so parameter may be changed easily.
Automatic transfer unit, type UGA-520/1200
This aggregate is located between tenoning aggregates and the press. At this point, after tenoning and glue application material is shifted from 2 tenoning aggregate to querfeeding. Querfeeding transfers material from belt transporter to another high speed transporter.
If it’s necessary to turn pieces by 90°, this will happen here. Motorized brush is used to support the turning.
Technical details:
Width of transporter: 520 mm,
Length of transporter: 2500 mm,
Transporter’s speed: about 90 m/min
Transporter’s motor: 0.55 kW
Width of high speed transporter: 200 mm,
Length of high speed transporter: about 2700 mm,
High speed transporter: about 160 m/min
Motor of high speed transporter: 0.55 kW
Querfeeding: 1 - 30 m/min;
Motor querfeeding: 0.55 kW.
Saw blade dimensions: Ø400x30 mm;
Saw rotations: 2850 rpm;
Chain feeding, double, type KED-200/3500
Pieces automatically connected and shifted to feeding. Connection if performed via two vertical chains, one of them is based on springs.
Technical details:
Width (adjustable): 36 - 200 mm,
Length: 3500 mm,
Speed: about 160 m/min
Motors: 2x1.1 kW

Feeding with length measurement and brake, type VSE
Geared feeding aggregate consists of two rollers, with integrated, frequency controlled AD motor.
Top roller is adjustable pneumatically and pushes pieces.
Technical details:
Feeding motor: 2.2 kW
Feeding speed: about 120 m/min
Diameter of rollers: 225 mm
Hydraulic press, type PR-10/6000 with cutting saw.
After connected, material is shifted into the press. Between feeding aggregate and press, length measurement system is placed. It determines length of finished material. After this length is reached, feeding stops, saw cuts, and quershifter shifts material into the press, and return back to his start position.
Technical data:
Length: max. 6000 mm;
Glued workpiece width: 35-130 mm;
Saw blade motor: 2 kW
Saw blade: 500 mm
Hydraulic: 7.5 kW
Electrical control,
Control and adjustment is performed at following locations: central control board, control board at miling, control board at press
Year of production 1999.
Machine is still working, condition is good, available after February 2016.