Sanding machine INTOREX LP-1 No. 252023
Description language: Lietuvių (LT) Русский English (UK)
Model: LP-1 nr. 252023
Manufacturer: INTOREX
Year of Production: 2003

This machine with manual loading, designed for sanding of flat, turned woodproducts. After turning, peaces are fixed on the rotating plate and fastened via vacuum. Rotations of peace are controlled via frequency converter.

Technical details:

Max. diameter for sanding:                                                                      480 mm

Min. diameter for sanding:                                                                       95 mm

Power of motor:                                                                                         1.5 kW

Max rotations of spindle:                                                                          2000 rpm

Weight:                                                                                                        about 250 kg

Made in Spain.

Year: 2003