Machine description

Vertical band saw for cutting peaces with profiled shape.

The machine is sold as-is, where-is.
No guarantee is given.

Machine full description

Vertical band saw for cutting peaces with profiled shape. Shape is formed by 2 templates. First template for front side of the peace, second for rear side of the peace.

Technical characteristics:

Max cutting length:                                                                           1300 mm

Diameter of the weels:                                                                      850 mm

Weels rotation:                                                                                  630 min-1

Width of the weels:                                                                           45 mm

Length of the band saw:                                                                   5700 mm

Cutting motor power:                                                                       11 kW

Rotation of the motor:                                                                      1400 min-1

Peace feeding:                                                                                    hidraulic

Feeding speed:                                                                                   0 – 15 m/min

Hidraulic motor:                                                                               1,75 kW

Fast return speed:                                                                             yes

Peace clamping:                                                                                 pneumatic

Pneumatic system pressure:                                                             6 bar

Machine produced in Italy by MZ.

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