Description language: Lietuvių (LT) Русский English (UK)
Model: MO
Manufacturer: Pade

The slot mortiser MO executes slots for the tenon jointing system, particularly suitable for the manufacturing of chairs, tables and solid wood components generally. Its sturdy construction and the use of high quality raw-materials and components make the model MO a very realiable machine, with exercise cost reduced to the minimum. The two working tables move alternatively towards the tool thus allowing the operator to replace the piece of wood already machined while the other piece is being worked. This system eliminates all idle times and allows the control of the machine by one operator only. The two working tables are adjustable in height and depth independently one to the other.
Technical data:
Max.length of slots 100 mm
Max.depth of slots 80 mm
Chuck diameter 13 (or 16) mm
Spindle rpm 9000
Spindle motor 2.2 kW
Oscillation movement motor 0.37 kW
Table inclination ± 20º
Table height adjustment 100 mm