CNC router
Description language: Lietuvių (LT) Русский English (UK)
Model: SWING
Manufacturer: Pade
Swing is the high speed multipurpose workcenter, idela for complex machining on solid wood components plastic parts and derivatives.
It is possible to equip workcenter with 2 loading areas, thus allowing great advantages:
  consecutive execution of right or left peaces or 2 totally different peaces
  autonomy of the machine, having 2 areas to be charged, without the necessity of having the operator in front of it
  possibility to set up one magazine while the machine is working with another one.
Machine structure and basement made of tubular reticular normalized steel.
Integrated protection enclosure and suction system.
Technical data:
•X axis stroke – (length)1.950 mm
•Y axis stroke – (transversal)700 mm
•Z axis stroke – (vertical)550 mm
•A axis (table rotation)360° continuous
•B axis (revolving head)360° continuous
•C axis (rotating head)+/- 185°
•X axis quick positioning speed m/m’120
•Y and Z axis quick positioning speed m/m’90