Robot for painting
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Model: CMA Robotics
Manufacturer: CMA Robotics

CMA Robotics as a leader in the wood painting sector, has developed a series of complete solutions for painting kitchen cabinets and counters.

Using our robots, with the aid of atificial visual systems and specially designed software develped by our company, we are able to guarantee

a high level of quality and decreased paint consumption that can not be obtained with other types of systems.

The use of anthropormorphic robots with six degrees of freedom allows us to execute different painting cycles according to our selection.

The system can be integreadet with other automatic rapid color change systems, pistol cleaning units and automatic spray parameter control systems,

including paint quantity, spray width, atomization pressure, automatic transporters or carousel systems.

The painting cycles can be automaticly created by the robot software, so there is no need to program them.

The different painting execution models are selected based on the type of the object being painted and the desired quality level.