CNC band saw
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Model: CNC Pluris
Manufacturer: MZ Project
With considerable experience in the field, listening to the demands of customers and analyzing new production demands of the market,
MZ PROJECT has designed and built some machining centers, always highly competitive and customizable as usual MZ.
The MZ PLURIS is a Patented extremely flexible, fast and precise multi-axis machining centre; this numerically controlled machine is equipped
with a very solid Band-saw system as in the MZ tradition, and a 3 axis high speed electro-spindle for routing mounted on a bridge support whose columns are fixed on the main frame.
FANUC numerical control and servo motors control all axes on the machine with high speed, precision and accuracy.
Upon request the machine is equipped with a point to point drilling unit with five indipendent spindles and/or a circular saw.
The machine has been designed with perfect interpolation for the three machining functions and is suitable for sawing, drilling and shaping chipboard,
plywood MDF, solid wood laminated panels, fibres and composed materials.
Able to work as our traditional CNC band saw for the production of parts of chairs, furniture, beds etc..., PLURIS may be used as a dedicated
"nesting" system in the production of components and parts for upholstered furniture where complicated geometric shapes and parts are required.