CNC router
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Model: Clipper
Manufacturer: Pade

 Clipper is the open beam structure workcenter particularly meeting high standards of manufacturing

chair an table components as well as solid wood elements in general.

It has been designed for precise 5 axis interpolated machining operations: boring, mortising, tenoning,

shaping with unrestricted three dimensional manoeuverability. The dynamic conception of Clipper

offers a higher degree of flexibility ideally suited to machining also plastic atricles.

 Machine may be equiped with 1, 2 or 4 workig spindles and also drill head.
Tool holder may also be added.
Customer may choose between 3 possible tables: flat, tandem or vakuum.
Technical features (depends on options):
X axis stroke:    2150 mm
Y axis stroke:    2100 mm
Z axis stroke:    750 mm
A axis:             no limit
B axis:             ± 370º
Standard 4 spindle working head:    4x10 kW

Many parameters adjustable on customers request