CNC workcenter
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Model: Vario
Manufacturer: Pade

Vario is the workcenter with overhead 5 axis and mobile cross beam, featuring high rigidity and stability.

It has been designed for precise 5 axis interpolated machining operations: boring, mortising, tenoning,

shaping with unrestricted three dimensional manoeuverability.

Machine may be equiped with 4 or 5 workig spindles and also drill head.

Tool holder may also be added.

Customer may choose between 3 possible tables: special holders with grippers, tandem or vakuum.

Technical features (depends on options):

X axis stroke:    4000 mm

Y axis stroke:    1380 mm

Z axis stroke:    830 mm

A axis:             no limit

B axis:             ± 370º

Standard 4 spindle working head:    4x10 kW