CNC working center
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Model: Chrono
Manufacturer: Pade
The 5 axis machine finally affordable also to small size companies.
Precise, fast and reliable, chrono will turn to be the indispensable “workmate”
for the execution of complex pieces and provide efficiency also in
the production of small series.
1 double spinale motor on a single support arm or 4 spindles mounted on a single arm support with 2 double
spindle motors.
Customer may choose between 3 possible tables: flat, tandem or vakuum.
Technical features (depends on options):
X axis stroke:    3450 mm
Y axis stroke:    950 mm
Z axis stroke:    750 mm
A axis:             no limit
B axis:             ± 370º
Standard 2 spindle working head:    2x7,5 kW