Linear ahaper
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Model: UINZE 6T
Manufacturer: Pade
UINZE 6T linear shaping and sanding machine represents the ideal solution for the machining of solid wood components, particularly chairs, tables, sofas, balconies, etc.
Machine with 6 heads, 4 of them for shaping, 2 for sanding or 2 for shaping and 4 for sanding.
Technical details of the machine:
  Max processing length:  2500 mm
  Max processing width:   500 mm
  Max processing height:  180 mm
  Mouding spindles:         8000 rpm
  Sanding spindles:          3500 rpm
  Moulding motors 1-2:     7,5 kW
  Moulding motors 3-4:     4,7 kW
  Sanding motors:            4,5 kW
  Table speed:                 0,5-35 m/min
  Backward speed:            85 m/min