Board splitting machine
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Model: Board splitting machine

Machine was used for the production of two layers parquet.

On this production on about 10 mm thick hard wood boards from both sides playwood was glued.

After hardening of glue hardwood was cutted longitunal (splitted) and two separate boards were produced.

Every one of them with hardwood layer on the top and playwood on the base. For this division this particular machine was used.

Technical characteristics:

Motors (2 pc.):                                                                        5.5 kW, 2840 rpm

Max width of board (one saw cutting):                                   about 90 mm

Saw shaft:                                                                                 about 6000 rpm

Feeding motor:                                                                         3 kW, 1480 rpm

Compressed air required:                                                        6 bar

No tools on machine.