CNC controlled working centre "Biesse Rover322"
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Model: CNC controlled working centre "Biesse ROVER 322"
Manufacturer: Biesse
Year of Production: 1998

Max. board dimensions for processing:

                      For drilling: 2706x1260 mm.

                      Profiling: 2706x1256.

Max. height for processing 115 mm (axis Z).

Frame of the machine:

Very massive steel frame, enhanced via stiffness ribs, so maximal machine stability and processing accuracy is guarantied, during entire processing process.

Special frame’s form with high stability makes it easy to collect and remove saw ships and dust.

Holding of piece:

Working machine’s frame includes:

  • 6 support consoles for board, with manual adjustment. The stoppage is pneumatic,

activated when pushed start button. Adjustment of consoles on cylindrical rails, with bearing inserts, also with pneumatic stoppage.

  • 6 pneumatic end supports with automatic digital height adjustment – one for every one console.
  • 4 pneumatic side supports – two for every side.
  • 4 height adjustable pneumatic supports in the middle.
  • Two side drilling aggregate, height adjustable, controlled via digital control.
  • Metric lineal along X axis, for convenient console adjustment.
  • Metric lineal along Y axis, for convenient position of vacuum cup and grips adjust-ment.
  • System for holding of panel with 16 vacuum cups (3 for each console), manual adjustment, safe bracking. Every vacuum cup with automatic on of vacuum, if panel is laid on them.
  • Vacuum pump, capacity 100 m3/h.

Working head:

  • Working head with 26 independent vertical spindles, located in T form, distance between spindles 32 mm. 14 of them located alongside X axis, 12 along Y axis.
  • 4 horizontal drilling spindles, three of them along X axis, one along Y axis.

Movement along axis:

  • All axis move on calibrated linear guides along X, Y and Z axis, with bearing rolls. Movement comes from electrical DC motor.
  • Movement along X axis via rack and pinion gear with helical form teets.
  • Movement along Y and Z axis via screw shaft.
  • Pneumatic vertical balancing mechanismus (along Z axis), with two, on both sides of drilling head located pneumatic cylinders.
  • With incremental type of inverter, which controls position.

Digital control:

Digital control model XNC COMPACT, including:

- miltifunctional operation system, working in real time,

- user friendly software with dedicated windows and pictograms,

- Pentium processor,

- 1 GB hard drive,

- color monitor,

- keyboard,

- functional buttons for specific control functions,

- mouse,

- possibility to disable working axis,

- 1,44 Mb reader,

- RS-232 connection for additional external devices,

- parallel control,

- interpolating of all 3 axis,

- additional program redactor for profiling and drilling,

- use of macros for multistep drilling and processing of profiled edges,

- optimizing of drilling box, choose of working spindle and feeding speed, also by modeling,

- visual representation of position of vacuum cups,

- read of programs, written on discete, using RT-480 format,

- possibility to use normal functions, also mirror and other functions,

- possibility to use active safe processing route,

- information for machine maintenance,

- clear text messages on monitor about faults and also clear instruction about their removal, also links to dedicated pages on manual.


Static frequency inverter for frequency change in the range up to 9 HP.

Inverter also includes:

- frequency value population on monitor,

- visual speed of tool population on monitor,

- diagnostic messages on monitor in case of fault,

- system reload via buttons,

- system protection from current or voltage overload, and also from shortcut,

- automatic system control if tool decreases in speed,

- resistor for dissipation of brake energy,

- system for tool’s speed control.

Power transformator + electric feed device, for voltage 380 B (+/-10%) 50/60 Hz.

Elements of safety system:

Mechanical pass trough protection and safety drossel, mounted in the lover part of machine.


Operation and maintenance manual, including:

                      - electrical wiring,

                      - spare part catalog.

Manual for digital control of the machine.

Tools for technical maintenance:

                      - tool for tightening and release of cutting tool, together with change ISO 30.

                      - tool set for bolts and nuts.

                      - manual grease pomp.

Year: 1998