Line consists of two side trouhfeed tenoning machine SCM, roller transporter for panels with rotating of 90° VENJAKOB and second two side trouhfeed tenoning GABBIANI.
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Two side trouhfeed tenoning machine SCM. Machine is dedicated for processing of edges. On both sides the same processing aggregates are mounted, so both sides are processed symmetricly. On every side of the machine two special tenoning aggregate groups are installed. Every group consists of two electrical motors, each of them powers tenoning tool. Aggregates perform longitunal processing of edge and rounding of both corners. First aggregate on each side performs rough tenoning, while the second group performs smooth tenoning. After both tenoning aggregates finishing aggregate performs final finishing.

After two side trouthfeed tenoning machine SCM, roller transporter VENJAKOB with rotation of panels is installed. This transporter delivers panels for processing to two side trouhfeed tenoning machine GABBIANI.

Two side trouhfeed tenoning machine Gabbiani, model T.MODUL 112/3100, Nr. 196/218. Year of production 1991.

On both sides the same aggregates are installed.

On one side following aggregates are installed*:

Automatic scoring unit,

Hoging unit (cuts panel to the length and crush waste).

Corner rounding aggregate 505 R,

Automatic tenoning aggregate 480 R,

Tenoning aggregate,

Profiling aggregate Multiplo 606RP,

Round sanding aggregate.

*The same aggregates are installed on another side.

Parameters of panel processed:

Max length of the panel:                                                                  3100 mm

Min length of the panel:                                                                   200 mm

Max thickness of the panel:                                                             380 mm

Adjustable feeding speed of panels:                                                1 – 28 m/min

Technical parameters of machine Gabbiani:

Automatic scoring unit, power/rotation:                                        2 PS / 6000 rpm

Hoging unit, power/rotation:                                                           7,5 PS / 6000 rpm

Corner rounding aggregate 505 R power/rotation:                       7,5 PS / 6000 rpm

Automatic tenoning aggregate 480 R power/rotation:                  7,5 PS / 6000 rpm

Tenoning aggregate power/rotation:                                               7,5 PS / 6000 rpm

Profiling aggregate Multiplo 606RP power/rotation:                    10 PS / 6000 rpm

Round sanding aggregate power/rotation:                                     2,6 PS / 1400 rpm

Diameter of tool shaft:                                                                      40 mm

Feeding motor power/rotation:                                                        5,5 PS / 1400 rpm

Dust extraction speed/volume:                                                         30 m/s, 18450 m3/h

Compressed air required:                                                                6 bar

Frequency converter:                                                                       55 Kva / 100 Hz

Electrical power:                                                                               380 V / 50 Hz

Power supply vires:                                                                           50 mm2

Total electricity installed:                      95 kW

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The machines can be sold also separately.

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