CNC drilling machine
Description language: Lietuvių (LT) Русский English (UK)
Model: BM3000
Manufacturer: Robland

CNC-drilling machine
Work reach
Y axis reach/stroke
Drilling: 920 mm
Grooving with sawblade: 850 mm
X axis is supported 3000 mm
Z axis plate thickness from 12 mm up to 30 mm
A axis 360°
Movement speed: 20m/min
Min. dimensions workpiece (X) 300x (Y) x 120 x (Z) 12 mm
The machine is equipped with a bore head with 4 chucks and integrated sawblade.
Max/min diameter bore heads 3 mm – 35 mm
Saw blade operates in the X-axis
Max. Depth saw blade grooving: 10 mm
Motor 1 HP 3*380 V / 3*220 V
Minimal required dust extractor capacity 2300 m³/h