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Machine is dedicated for moulding of metrical wooden elements.

The machine is sold as-is, where-is.
No guarantee is given.

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Positions of moulding shafts:
I. Bottom, horizontal,
II. Right side, vertical,
III. Left side, vertical,
IV. Top, horizontal,
V. Top, horizontal,
VI. Bottom, horizontal.
Maximal crossection of wooden element: 230×120 mm.
Shaft adjustment levers with digital position display. Shafts‘ postions are adjustable with 0,1 mm precision.
Rotations of shafts n – 8000 rev/min. Diameter of shafts’ d – 40 mm.
Feeding speed 6,5 – 36 m/min., adjustable via frequency converter.
Feeding with fool cardan gear.
Pneumatic pushing of feeding rollers. Pushing force adjustable via pneumatic, separately for steel and rubber rollers.
First infeed table 2000 mm long.
Compressed air required 6 – 8 bar. Consumption of compressed air about 90 l/min.
Minimal air extraction capacity:
Vertical shafts – 1000-1200 m3/h, minimal air speed 25 m/s;
Horizontal shafts – 1350-1650 m3/h, minimal air speed 25 m/s;
Total extraction air capacity – 7100-8000 m3/h.
All moulding shafts are for working with Power Lock tools, which as seen in photo, are included into the price.
Machine number 116353.
CE safety regulations.


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