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Log band saw Artiglio.

The machine is sold as-is, where-is.
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Line consists of:
1. Log shifting ramp.
2. Frame for log sliding.
3. Log lifter to gather.
4. Wide belt gather ARTIGLIO with main gather, log carriage, control cabin.
5. Pieces after cutting transporter.
All these aggregates are optimal adjusted one to another.
Log shifting ramp, is dedicated for shifting of logs to gather. It consists of 4 l longitudinal branches with log transportation chains. Distances between branches about 1500 mm, length of the ramp about 6000 mm.
Frame for log sliding, which is dedicated to separate logs one from another and to prepare them for cutting. This frame has no mechanization.
Log lifter to gather, which is dedicated to shift one log after another to the gather. It consists of four branches, everyone has driven chain.
Wide belt gather ARTIGLIO type ST 115, vertical fully mechanized, dedicated for log cutting.
Logs are lifted by log lifter and transfered to gather‘s carriage.
Gather‘s carriage has remote control and works synchronously with gather. Movement of carriage is fully mechanized longitudinal (cutting direction) and cross direction (cutting thickness). Speed in longitudinal direction is adjustable.
While on carriage, log may be rotated, putting it in most optimal position. Log is clamped, power is delivered from hydraulic station. Clamping is performed via 4 clamps. While moving in cross direction to the gather, carriage adjust cutting thickness. After first cuts are performed, log usualy is turned, and cut surface becomes horizontal. Cutting is continued. Following task for cutting log may be rotated multiple times, and required material is optained.
Gather poses scoring sawblade with hydraulic power.
Pieces after cutting transporter removes material after cutting out of cutting area.
Gather‘s technical parameters:
Wide belt gather:
Diameter of cutting wheel: 1150 mm
Width of cutting wheel: 140 mm
Max cutting height: 1000 mm
Max cutting thickness: 530 mm
Rotation of main wheel: 560 min-1
Dimensions cutting blade max: 150×1,25×7900 mm
Dimensions cutting blade min: 110×1,25×7750 mm
Main cutting motor: 45 kW
Hydraulic system gather is: motor 4 kW
Gather‘s weight: about 3500 kg
Saw dust extraction diameter: Ø250 mm
Log shifting carriage:
Dimensions of the carriage: 1300x1600x4000 mm
Length of carriage track: 14000 mm
Carriage forward speed: 0-65 m/min
Weight of carriage: about 5500 kg
Hydraulic system of carriage is: motor 5,5 kW
Electricity: 400/50/3 V/Hz/Ph

Machine made in 2008, ser. Nr. 0083110301 – 0082070301.
Special basement is needed for gather.
The line is currently installed. The price of dismantling and loading is 7500 EUR + VAT.

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